Hi. I'm Jérémy Franck.

But you can call me @jrmyfranck, of Francky.
In fact, you can call me whatever you want.

My name doesn't really matter. What does matter is what I do.

So... what do I do, exactly? 


Well, I create solutions for small-to-medium businesses who need help with branding or communication problems.

Just imagine : customers lining up while you focus on growing your business, instead of juggling with your craft AND your strategy at the same time. Sounds sweet?

Well, I'm the guy who can make this a reality. 


→ Strategic thinking? Sure.

→ Improving user experience and attracting more leads? Done.

→ Full brand identity, down to the tiniest details and a myriad of applications? No problemo

→ Fully responsive custom website complete with a content management system and social media strategy? Look no further.

Best part? I can build it for you.


Let's talk about your next wildly successful project. 😉

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